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Jakob Lohmann is an artist from Germany, born in 1995. He discovered circus and theater during his high school time where he joined the local youth circus and was part of his school’s theater ensemble. Finishing highschool he continued to pursue his circus activities professionally at Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. During the 4-year degree he created various performances and started to find and develop his own artistic vision and style as a performer.

Using floor acrobatics and balances, as well as theater and spoken word as his main tools, his work thematizes the actor/spectator relationship within the performative space and advocates for activism.

In 2019 he joined the Anfibia Project, an interdisciplinary performers training project in Bologna, Italy which finished in October 2020. He trained there with accomplished teachers from various companies such as Ultima Vez, Tanztheater Wuppertal and Les Ballets C de la B.

Next to his On-Stage-Career, Jakob is working as a semi-professional photographer and video maker as well as light and sound technician and rigger and has organized various events such as the Poortgebouw Open Stage, Wereldsdelfshaven Festival and Enlaç[arte] – Interlacing at Podium Grounds.

In 2021 he started to pursue the creation of an interdisciplinary creation and artist hub in Rotterdam. 

Jakob Lohmann is a recognised member of the International Dance Council CID. CID is an official partner of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Recently his performance Being Audience|Being performer received a nomination for the Stockholm Fringe Award in the category ‚Spoken Word and Theatre‘.

Being Audience|Being Performer

Being Audience|Being Performer is an Interdisciplinary Theater Performance including elements of Acting, Dance and Circus. With this piece the triangular relationship between actor, spectator and the space they co-inhabit is being interrogated. The performance re-establishes the Theater as a rehearsal space for Democracy and hands the responsibility back to the public. It is challenging the

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Shoot a Refugee

Shoot a Refugee is an interventionist performance in the public space aiming to create awareness for the human rights violations committed by Frontex, the European border police. Frontex is pushing back migrants and refugees into open waters, ensuring their death, funded by European taxpayer money. Our research has shown that only a small minority of

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Grensgeval’s Plock!

PLOCK! Jakob tries to copy the painting of his hero Jackson Pollock. But how can he make the right blot on the right spot?  Should he drip, throw, pour or splash the paint? Does he need to work with brushes or sticks or entire containers? He uses all of his body parts, but no matter

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Inside the space of the exhibition, besides the space of the installation, an additional research and explorative relationship space will be explored. A moving space of actions. The body-engine, the mind-engine tend subtle and fragile threads which become light, web, connection, entanglement. Everyone’s bodies, everyone’s minds.  In correlation to the exhibition under the same name

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Upside Down

This performance was created for the Open Day of Codarts Circus Arts in 2017. This piece focusses on the theme of cause and effect, as well as breaking and playing with the boundaries of the conventional Stage. The Stage By entering the room of the installation, a round stage is suggested through markings on the

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Awareness, Presence, Ownership

This text is the first part to a performance playing with the physical presence of creators of art and how it changes our awareness towards the artworks, questioning ownership when multiple artworks come together to form a new piece. In room1 the audience could see a floor acrobatics improvisation to music coming through the speakers.

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Into The Woods

Fragment out of the show „My name is Wollek“. Thanks to Freddy Burrows and Ole Schöne for helping me with the creation of this piece. The show was directed by Roberto Magro with the assistance of Stefan Kiensman based on the creative input by the 4th year students of Codarts Circus Arts in 2018. This was

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The Horse

„The Horse“ at the 24th Poortgebouw Open Stage. The performance starts unexpected and slowly transforms the space. Integrating the audience into the Installation, the stage gets expanded into and behind the auditorium. When the start of the performance gets blurred between ‘what is already act’ and ‘what is just the setup’, it leaves the defined role

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Promo Jakob Lohmann -Vanishing- 2017 Trailer/Compilation of the show „Vanishing“ directed by Francesco Sgro. The show was created with the third-year class of Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam and was presented at Korzo Theatre in Den Haag at the Cirque Mania Festival. „Codarts Circus Arts is een van de twee bachelor circusopleidingen in Nederland, die de

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Poortgebouw Open Stage

A short documentary video about Poortgebouw Open Stage. What is it? Where, when, how did it start? Who organizes it? Who performs? A lot of questions, one video to answer them all. The Documentary was made in 2015 by Monika Neverauskaite, one of the founders of the Open Stage.

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