The Horse

„The Horse“ at the 24th Poortgebouw Open Stage.

The performance starts unexpected and slowly transforms the space. Integrating the audience into the Installation, the stage gets expanded into and behind the auditorium. When the start of the performance gets blurred between ‘what is already act’ and ‘what is just the setup’, it leaves the defined role of being audience open just long enough to establish a human to human relation rather than a relation of performer to audience.

During the piece the audience becomes essential for the success of the performance. Performer and audience stand in a tight relation of dependency with each other. The audience is being elevated to the state of the performer, closing the gap that usually separates the two. 

After the construction is finished, the audience is left with the image of the counterbalance and together, performer and audience, are facing the problem of how to get down again. A question of trust, risk, and working together.

The piece has been worked into an half hour street show which was shown during multiple Festivals. (Edinburgh Fringe, Circusbende NDSM Amsterdam, Bajesdorp Festival,…)