Into The Woods

Fragment out of the show „My name is Wollek“. Thanks to Freddy Burrows and Ole Schöne for helping me with the creation of this piece. The show was directed by Roberto Magro with the assistance of Stefan Kiensman based on the creative input by the 4th year students of Codarts Circus Arts in 2018. This was the last show we did together as a class. „Into The Woods“ is part of a bigger research for me in working with wooden planks as tools. This part was also performed at the Brocante Festival in Italy in 2018, as well as during the Werelds Delfshaven Festival in Rotterdam in 2019 with different casts.

There are plans to turn this piece into a longer show. Rather than working with a fixed cast the goal is to work with local people that don’t have a circus, nor necessarily a performance background.

„For me it is about giving trust to strangers and beeing in need of one another to create an intense and real  relationship on stage.“