Being Audience|Being Performer

You enter the theatre, assuming your role as the audience. Is that a concious role? Are you performing your role?Being Audience|Being Performer questions the roles …

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Inside the space of the exhibition, besides the space of the installation, an additional research and explorative relationship space will be explored. A moving space …

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Upside Down

This performance was created for the Open Day of Codarts Circus Arts in 2017. This piece focusses on the theme of cause and effect, as …

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Awareness, Presence, Ownership

This text is the first part to a performance playing with the physical presence of creators of art and how it changes our awareness towards …

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Into The Woods

Fragment out of the show „My name is Wollek“. Thanks to Freddy Burrows and Ole Schöne for helping me with the creation of this piece. The …

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The Horse

„The Horse“ at the 24th Poortgebouw Open Stage. The performance starts unexpected and slowly transforms the space. Integrating the audience into the Installation, the stage …

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