Being Audience|Being Performer

Being Audience|Being Performer is an Interdisciplinary Theater Performance including elements of Acting, Dance and Circus. With this piece the triangular relationship between actor, spectator and the space they co-inhabit is being interrogated. The performance re-establishes the Theater as a rehearsal space for Democracy and hands the responsibility back to the public. It is challenging the traditional roles of audience and performer within the Theater, and creates analogues to society itself.

With this work we encourage democratic participation and activist discourse using Art and the Theater to combat populist simplifications and radicalization by focusing on the role and responsibilities of the individual. Contrary to giving the stage to a select few that control the masses in their thought, Being Audience|Being Performer asks each individual to take the stage themselves.

Diversity and Discourse over Conformity and Submission

„This piece is just a rehearsal…“

Using Circus, Dance and Theater, themes of Responsibility, Expectations, Acting and the necessity for Action, as well as consequences of In-Action are being explored. While physically on stage, the performers create an environment where the public turns protagonist and confront the audience with a situation of having to take a decision. To be Audience, or to be Performer. A performance that extends beyond the theater and which main act begins only ones the curtains are closed again. A piece on theater, society, as well as the individual and how to become performer of ones own life by taking responsibility over ones own expectations.

More than just a piece:

Next to the performance on-stage, the work extends beyond the boundaries of the architectural theater and literally moves into the public space creating a direct connection between what is ’staged‘, and what is reality.

The show is currently under creation and is expected to premiere in September 2024.

Work in Progress Trailer:
WIP Trailer BABP v1
WIP Trailer BABP v2

Download the Dossier:

Dossier BABP


Direction: Jakob Lohmann
Performed by: Jakob Lohmann and Maria Susca
Technician: Matthis Lorenz
Supported by: Leggere Strutture, Artfactory International, Crexida Fienile Fluo, Rete Habitat, CIRKLabo, The HUB Rotterdam