Shoot a Refugee

Shoot a Refugee is an interventionist performance in the public space aiming to create awareness for the human rights violations committed by Frontex, the European border police. Frontex is pushing back migrants and refugees into open waters, ensuring their death, funded by European taxpayer money.

Our research has shown that only a small minority of the western/central European population is at all aware of the existence of Frontex as an organisation.

Rather than lecturing the public about Frontex, the passer-by is confronted with the invitation to live a day in the life of a Frontex border guard and is asked to shoot a refugee. This confrontation creates the lived experience, contrasting the lectured experience we hear in the news, if at all.

The intervention was last performed during the Delft Fringe Festival and is a work in progress that ties into the the overall political body of work by Jakob Lohmann.