Off Stage Portfolio JLohmann Performance Art

Clara Larcher’s Araké

“A world made of ropes, knots in which metaphors of femininity are knotted and unknotted,  a suspended body that dances solving the riddles of entanglements.”   In a world made of ropes, a woman preoccupied with her appearance entangles herself in the spider web of her unconsciousness. She explores the monstrosities of her inner self

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Profondo Rosso Collective

Profondo Rosso is an international and interdisciplinary collective founded by Cecilia Rosso.  Profondo Rosso combines the fields of performance, visual arts and plastic arts, to create dramaturgies around human themes.The work of the collective focuses on performances and installations that involve the public to create a deeper connection with the performer.  The collective is composed by Cecilia

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Poortgebouw Open Stage

A short documentary video about Poortgebouw Open Stage. What is it? Where, when, how did it start? Who organizes it? Who performs? A lot of questions, one video to answer them all. The Documentary was made in 2015 by Monika Neverauskaite, one of the founders of the Open Stage.

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