Upside Down

This performance was created for the Open Day of Codarts Circus Arts in 2017. This piece focusses on the theme of cause and effect, as well as breaking and playing with the boundaries of the conventional Stage.

The Stage

By entering the room of the installation, a round stage is suggested through markings on the floor. Various seating possibilities are scattered around the room, which are part of the installation. The last mechanisms get installed and “the performer” climbs up to start the chain reaction. Hanging still, observing the path of the chain reaction together with “the audience”, who seated themselves inside of the installation. Only from UP the whole stage gets visible.

The Performer

The performer as the person on stage controlling the actions. By starting the chain reaction “the performer” is handing over the control to “the audience”. The space gets separated into UP and DOWN. He is no longer able to influence what is happening on stage. The actions necessary to be taken for either the success or the failure of the machine are up to “the audience”. Having this responsibility as well as them being observed from the audience UP makes their actions important and relevant for the piece. By entering the room, they unwillingly became performers.

The Audience

The space being separated into UP and DOWN while DOWN the action happens and UP observes. Being UPSIDE-DOWN inverts the space and DOWN becomes UP as UP turns into DOWN.