Awareness, Presence, Ownership

For the following performance I need you to make a choice.

You can either go to the rehearsal studio, or to the dance studio. In both locations you will see and hear a performance as well as an impression of what is happening in the other room.

In Room1 you will see and hear.

In Room2 you will hear and see.

I want you to make your decision now. The group that wants to go to room1 please stand up and come to my right. The group that wants to go to room2 please stay seated for now.

Regardless of the room you choose consider these 3 words:




In case the groups are very unequal:

If anybody wants to change their decision they now have the chance.

All the seated people, you can stand up now and go to the dance studio.

|Once they are in you go with the second group to the rehearsal studio|

This text is the first part to a performance playing with the physical presence of creators of art and how it changes our awareness towards the artworks, questioning ownership when multiple artworks come together to form a new piece.

In room1 the audience could see a floor acrobatics improvisation to music coming through the speakers. The rather normal setup for a contemporary circus performance. The Artist using music to underline his movements and to play with the rhythms etc.

In room2 the music for room1 is being created live. A band is performing their song creation which gets transmitted to the first room. Here the musicians are physically present while the floor acrobatics are only visible through a livestream which is projected onto the wall behind the band.

The different setup changes the perspective and brings awareness towards the physical presence of the creator of an artwork.

“I want to raise the question of ownership of music in the standard performance setup. Too often music is being used which was created out of the performance context without the creators being aware of it being used in such a way. It is this standard performance setup that we’ve gotten used to and don’t question anymore. With this performance I want to create the mirror image of that setup to create awareness towards presence of artists.”