My Work

Upside Down

This performance was created for the Open Day of Codarts Circus Arts in 2017. This piece focusses on the theme of cause and effect, as well as breaking and playing with the boundaries of the conventional Stage. The Stage By entering the room of the installation, a round stage is suggested through markings on the […]

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Into The Woods

Fragment out of the show „My name is Wollek“. Thanks to Freddy Burrows and Ole Schöne for helping me with the creation of this piece. The show was directed by Roberto Magro with the assistance of Stefan Kiensman based on the creative input by the 4th year students of Codarts Circus Arts in 2018. This was

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The Horse

„The Horse“ at the 24th Poortgebouw Open Stage. The performance starts unexpected and slowly transforms the space. Integrating the audience into the Installation, the stage gets expanded into and behind the auditorium. When the start of the performance gets blurred between ‘what is already act’ and ‘what is just the setup’, it leaves the defined role

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Promo Jakob Lohmann -Vanishing- 2017 Trailer/Compilation of the show „Vanishing“ directed by Francesco Sgro. The show was created with the third-year class of Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam and was presented at Korzo Theatre in Den Haag at the Cirque Mania Festival. „Codarts Circus Arts is een van de twee bachelor circusopleidingen in Nederland, die de

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