A contemporary dance-theatre performance by Jakob Lohmann and Maria Susca

| The time we are living in is dominated through social media, smartphones, the internet and in general by being connected 24/7. In our current present we are more connected than ever, yet we see that we are continuously getting out of touch.

Our social interactions and the size of our social circles continuously grows, though the quality and depth fail to stay in relation.

We have experienced in the last couple of years many occasions where the new media was utilized as a tool for manipulation. The social networks that had the aim to connect and bring together, are being abused to separate our society in search for power.

The Corona Virus has added to this through closures of public spaces and other spaces and events of interhuman contact and intellectual and cultural exchange such as theatres. While a lot of theaters went online, ‘Present’ wants to focus on the post corona time and to create and establish contact and exchange in a shared physical space, taking the audience into the focus.

While public places and theatres play a big role in facilitating exchange, we feel the need to look at the audience and encourage and invite them to become performers themselves. Both literally during the piece, as well as symbolically in the evolution of our society.

For more information about the project and it’s progress you can stay updated via facebook.

An initial pathfinder residency for Present will happen from the 19th till the 31st of October at Sementerie Artistiche in Italy.

Present is a joint project by Maria Susca and Jakob Lohmann


Pathfinder Residency @sementerieartitiche

The initial idea for the creation of this show came up at the beginning of 2020 in a conversation between Maria and me. Shortly after we through together some of the first ideas to try out some aesthetics and the general concept of the show. We saw the potential that was in the material and decided to move on and look for residencies to start diving into the creation.

When creating a new piece or, as in this case, an evening filling show, I follow the philosophy of creating a skeleton through experimentation, improvisation, and blindly following all of the impulses that come up. 

When you have the skeleton, the „only“ thing left to do is to feed it and the organs, flesh, muscles and skin will emerge by themselves.

In october 2020 we had the opportunity for a 2 week pathfinder residency at Sementerie Artistiche close to Bologna, Italy to create such skeleton and to start to feed it a bit.

To us this residency was a great success and we came out having a finished skeleton and some of its organs have started to emerge. The next step in the process for the creation of this show now lays in finding funding to further finance the „feeding“ of this animal and to dive deeper in future residencies into the seperate aspects and layers of the show.


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